Conclusion, Pricing, and Final Thoughts



  • Solid overall performance and performance consistency.
  • Competitive endurance.
  • Good cost/GB.


Pricing and Warranty (street price at the time of this writing)

  • 250GB – $80   ($0.32/GB) *
  • 500GB – $140 ($0.28/GB) *
  • 1TB –     $260 ($0.26/GB)
  • 2TB –     $500 ($0.25/GB) *

* 1TB initial capacity only. Others to follow at a later date.

The warranty period is 5 years, up from the previous 3. While the prices look great in today's landscape, it's worth pointing out that we are effectively frozen in time since 1.5 years ago, when the MX300 was shipping at the same $0.25-0.26/GB.

Final Thoughts

The SSD market certainly needed a good kick in the pricing, and the MX500 has certainly delivered. While we haven't seen products out in the open, the 1TB MX500 is available directly from Crucial at their stated MSRP. What do you get for your money? A solid performing SSD using a modern SMI controller coupled with Micron NAND and DRAM. Aside from a few TRIM-related performance hiccups uncovered by our exclusive test suite, the MX500 offers excellent performance for the price, and it will likely become one of our more recommended SSDs in the coming months.

The MX500 is a solid deal, but I'm dropping down to Gold due to the TRIM speed issues as they may not mesh well with some of the heavier power users out there.

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