The new HDMI spec announced earlier this week comes with a drawback, you are going to need new cables to take advantage of it.  The new spec needs to be able to deliver an impressive 48Gbps which current cables simply are not capable of providing.  That increased bandwidth will allow you to watch 4K content with 12 bits per colour channel at up to 120Hz assuming you can drive that much graphical content, which will provide a major challenge for AMD, NVIDIA and Intel in 2018.  The good news is that The Register confirmed the new cables will be backwards compatible, so you won't have to keep two separate HDMI cables handy.

"The HDMI forum has released the HDMI 2.1 spec, and promised it can deliver 48Gbps if you buy new cables that support the jump from HDMI 2.0s 18Gbps."

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