Cogent and the company formerly know as Level 3 and now properly called CenturyLink had some serious issues on Monday.  The internet is rife with rumours as to the cause, as you would expect comments on the Slashdot story focus on the possibility this is related to the recent decision by the FCC to reverse net neutrality rules in the US.  There are reports that the issues are continuing today but not at the volume reached yesterday.  Backbone ISPs tend to be rather coy about reporting on the root cause of these types of outages much to the dismay of the technically minded such as our readers.  Keep an eye on sites like DownDetector if you feel you are currently effected, and consider letting them know.

"Two major backbone internet service providers — Level 3 and Cogent — appear to be suffering from massive outages and downgraded service, according to ISP monitoring service Downdetector. Users in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Dallas, Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. are apparently being hit the hardest. Comcast is also said to be affected to a lesser degree."

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