If you’re looking for something to occupy the gaps between our CES posts, then how about watching video games being beaten quickly? Awesome Games Done Quick 2018 begins today at 11:30 AM EST with a pre-show discussion that is hosted by SpikeVegeta, Blechy, Protomagicalgirl, and JHobz. They typically go over what they expect will be the most interesting games and timeslots, and why, as well as hype up some of the donation perks and prizes.

The previous Awesome Games Done Quick, from January 2017, broke 2.2 million dollars in donations. Apart from a blip in January 2016, the amount raised has steadily increased each year. It will be interesting to see whether this year will reach a new high, and what peak we’ll eventually settle at, if one will ever exist.

This event, like the previous seven, will benefit the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Typically, it’s Prevent Cancer Foundation in January and Doctors Without Borders in July, but they have also done a few special events, like for the natural disasters that struck Japan (2011) and Houston, Texas (2017).

Probably the most interesting chunk for me will be on the last day, Saturday, January 13th. Starting at about 4pm, they will have Final Fantasy 4, Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Super Mario World back-to-back-to-back. Of the three, A Link to the Past is particularly special, because they will be using an item randomizer mod. The runners will not know which chest contains which item ahead of time, just that it is possible to complete the game with the order provided, and each runner will have the same randomized locations. This means that runners will need some luck, because they could take a shortcut hoping that they will stumble across a required item on the way there. If not? They then need to go hunting for it, wasting time.

It was quite something the last time I saw it. And yes, there are many PC games, too.