So I would love to see this one in action. ASUS has just announced the ROG Bezel-free kit. This device is a series of lenses that sit atop a trio of monitors. Its goal is to align the edge of each monitor to the edge of the next one by refracting the light that comes off of them, such that the gaps are skipped. Because this is an optical process, no software is required.

I’m curious how much (and what type) of distortion is added through this process. The lenses are vertical, so it should only be a horizontal stretch at worst — it may even be canceled out by the curvature, but I'd need to see it to know. Also, I am wondering what kind of monitors will be supported. I would expect that it would need to be tuned to the size and bezel width at the very least. We know that it is dependent upon the angle between the monitors, too, although ASUS has specified that value: 130 degrees. They said that this number was arrived at by user testing.

The ASUS ROG Bezel-free Kit will be available in the first half of this year. Pricing TBA.