ASUS has just announced the ROG Spotlight. It’s literally a spotlight.

The idea is that you can connect these to your PC and use it to project RGB-configurable light onto your wall, in the shape of the ROG logo, and control it with Aura Sync. I’m guessing the ASUS is not planning on selling these on a massive scale, but it could be a cute novelty to add to an ASUS-centric build. They don’t mention how the device connects to your computer, but I’m guessing USB. They also note that the ROG logo can freely rotate, in case you are looking through your room and can’t find some place to mount it upright. The base is magnetic, so you can just stick it on the side of something then rotate the logo such that it is upright.

The ASUS ROG Spotlight will ship in the first half of this year. Pricing TBA.