Paragon was a MOBA, based on Unreal Engine 4, that played in a third-person action style. Typically, these sorts of games are played top-down, which is probably due to the genre’s most popular, early entries being mods of Blizzard games (WarCraft III and StarCraft). While applying the formula to a different player controller is not unheard of, such as the first-person Minecraft mod that we mentioned back in 2012, Epic Games decided to try their hand at it, too.

Unfortunately, it’s being shut down. The servers are going offline on April 26th.

IIRC — Epic Games said that this cinematic was made with LOD0 assets.
Sure, the game didn’t look as good as a directed cinematic, but the assets were in-game assets.

That said, you won’t be out anything. If you made any purchase in Paragon, on any platform, Epic Games will provide a full refund. On the one hand, it’s sad to see that the game was a total loss for a good company, apart from the engine research it drove.

On the other hand, it’s good to see that Epic isn’t forcing their fans to carry this burden.