You can pick up the Cherry MX Board 3.0 with Red, Brown, Blue or Black switches depending on your preference.  The design is quite different than we have been seeing on mechanical keyboards recently as there are no RGBs, in fact there is no backlighting whatsoever.  TechPowerUp found the keyboards performance to be excellent, great for typists or gamers to pick up, however there were a few flaws.   The KeyMan driver for this keyboard is only available from Cherry's German page, which also means the installer is in German and during the installation process you need to ensure to download the English module so the actual program will run in English.  There were a few other sticking points, which are detailed in the review.

"The Cherry MX Board 3.0 is a minimalist keyboard for professionals offering low profile, thick ABS keycaps, large anti-slip pads, a key configuration tool, and dedicated media buttons. Despite a release in 2013, it remains relevant and is a good option for consideration in the $80 price range."

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