Performance Comparisons – Sequential and Random

Just as we did on the last page, I'll start us off with Sequentials:

Recall that all data points here are the result of cumulative sampling across multiple percentages of allocated space. If you see what looks like an outlier or a weird dip, rest assured that apparent aberration was repeatable and consistent.

While the 128GB 760p sits down closer to the older SSDs in the group, the 256GB and especially the 512GB models are coming surprisingly close to the Samsung 960 EVO.

Now for random:

While typical usage rarely exceeds QD=8, we extend these charts out to QD=32 to evaluate manufacturers claimed performance maximums. Our exclusive burst test is the only way to properly evaluate the random write performance of caching SSDs. Note how the majority of SSDs all start at a relatively low value at lower queue depths. Most products fall into a tight grouping at the lower queue depths, which is why we have developed specialized testing to better evaluate these critical areas (results starting on the next page).

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