A Detailed Look

The SilverStone Titanium Series 1300W power supply enclosure is painted with a black hammer-tone finish and trimmed with a nameplate. The chassis measures 180mm (7.1”) deep.  The back panel includes an AC receptacle and an open honey-comb grill for good airflow. Noticeably missing is a master power On-Off switch.

The power supply uses a Yate Loon Electronics 140mm fan for cooling.  The fan (D14BH-12) is rated for: 2800 rpm, 140 CFM, 48.5 dB, and 0.70A at 12 VDC. The fan uses dual ball bearings for long life. The ST1300-TI power supply features an intelligent fan controller that allows semi-fanless operation. The fan does not start spinning until the power supply reaches approximately 20% load. Note: the three lower output models in the smaller chassis use a 120mm Hong Hua fan with FDB.

Included with the power supply is one of SilverStone’s own FF141 fan filters. The 140mm square dust filter incorporates magnets in the frame to hold it in place on steel chassis or it can be attached with screws.

The front panel on the 1300W PSU incorporates eighteen modular cable connectors, all nicely labelled and color coded. The power supply comes from the factory with little covers over most of the connectors. During installation, you can just uncover the connectors you need and leave any unused connectors covered for a clean look.

All of the modular cables are flat ribbon-style to assist with neat cable routing and to help maximize airflow.

Under the Hood

Here are a few pictures showing the layout and components inside Titanium Series 1300W power supply.  SilverStone is once again partnering with Enhance Electronics as the OEM for the Titanium Series. The overall layout, soldering, and build quality all look very good.

The power supply features a modern circuit design to deliver very high efficiency and uses DC-to-DC converters to produce the +3.3V and +5V rails from the +12V output.

All of capacitors used inside the PSU are Japanese made with a good mix of electrolytic and solid polymer caps used throughout. For example, the three main bulk capacitors are made by Nippon Chemi-Con (KMR) and rated for 330uF, 420V and 105°C each.

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