Those fancy new Lenovo models announced today, the ThinkPad T, X, and L-series, will not come with insecure adware installed on them, at least not in the USA.  The FTC managed to rouse itself enough to deliver a light caress to the wrist of the PC maker, with a fine of $3.5m being imposed in the ruling today.  On a possibly more positive note, Lenovo will also be required to hire an external security auditor to vet any bloatware they intend to place on their machines, though the verbiage of the ruling posted by The Register does not make it clear that they would have any ability to stop Lenovo from installing software that didn't pass their audit.  

The other part of the ruling which customers should take very close notice of is that Lenovo "will obtain the consumer’s affirmative express consent" before installing random software.  Make sure to carefully read those pop ups when you first fire up a ThinkPad and think twice before clicking OK.

"The US government's trade watchdog, the FTC, has finalized its settlement deal with Lenovo on charges the PC builder sold Americans machines crammed with intrusive adware."

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