The ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset offers a very easy setup procedure, which might help adoption as the current configuration process for many current VR/AR headsets have created more than a few consumers to return their purchase.

The headset relies on two two built-in front facing tracking cameras with 6DoF position tracking as opposed to external sensors which track your head positioning.  ASUS claims that this allows you to set up your system in 10 minutes, ensuring frustration doesn't stop you from jumping right into VR.  The controllers each have 32 LEDs on them, which the cameras on the headset use to accurately track the position of your hands; we shall have to wait for hardware to test the accuracy of this tracking system but it should work well as long as the controllers are visible to the cameras.

The headset itself weighs less than a pound and has a hinge to allow you to quickly flip up the headset to revisit the real world for a moment.  The headset offers a 2880 x 1440 resolution display with up to a 90Hz refresh rate, better than the current models available from HTC and Oculus, though that may change during CES. 

As of now ASUS reports compatibility with over 20,000 Windows apps and more than 2,000 Steam VR titles so we look forward to testing it out.  Unfortunately, as of now there is no MSRP.