Subset Games, who brought us FTL, have released a new game which looks to be every bit as frustrating and enjoyable as their first.  Into the Breach puts you in charge of three robots, which are humanity's last line of defence against large underground insectoids that would prefer they were in charge.  The game is not so simple as shooting and punching the enemy to victory, instead you have a certain amount of turns to defend a battlefield before moving onto the next.  Losing a building to the enemy on a battlefield is a permanent loss which carries on to the next fight.  Once all your buildings are gone, its game over and time to try again.  Hit up Ars Technica for more info as well as reasons why knocking your opponent around the battlefield can be more effective than attacking them.

"What exactly is going on in the world of Into the Breach? It's a little hard to say, owing to the way its plot is meted out in small-but-alluring ways. Key points: a race of insectoid creatures called the Vek has begun emerging from the Earth's surface. Your mission is to save as many civilians as possible by issuing orders to a three-person army of giant, mechanized robo-battlers."

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