Media Encoding and Rendering

Audacity MP3 Encode

The Ryzen 5 2400G does much better than previous low-cost Ryzen processors in the group but the single threaded IPC capability of the Core i3-8100 and Core i5-8400 keep Intel strongly in command.

Handbrake 1.0.2

Here is a case where the added thread processing of the Ryzen 3 2200G helps it to outperform the Intel Core i3-8100 in terms of raw transcoding power. The Ryzen 5 2400G pulls in a very respectable score, though it remains 25% behind the Core i5-8400.

X264 Benchmark 5.0.1

Here's an interesting result – though the Ryzen 5 2400G falls behind the Core i5-8400 in the second pass of our X264 benchmark results, it is able to perform better than the 6-core part from Intel in the first pass results. 

Cinebench R15

Our classic CineBench results show a 10% deficit for the 2400G compared to the Core i5-8400, and 15% deficit for the 2200G compared to the 8100 in the single threaded results. In the multi-threaded testing, the Ryzen 3 part is nearly on par with the Core i3-8100 though the Ryzen 5 2400G is still 18% slower than the more powerful Core i5-8400.


Our results in POV-Ray show significant uplifts in performance for both the 2400G and 2200G compared to the previous generation Ryzen hardware. That said, the Ryzen 5 2400G remains 30% slower than the Core i5-8400, while the Ryzen 3 2200G is nearly on par with the Core i3-8100.

Blender 2.78b

The results for the Ryzen hardware are pretty good in our Blender testing, as the Ryzen 3 2200G is able to outperform the Core i3-8100 by 7%. However, the Ryzen 5 2400G is falling about 13% behind the Core i5-8400.

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