The TS-PC was hyped before its release, and it has lived up to expectations. The build quality is top notch, the materials are good throughout, and the racing experience is honestly second to none. It is a pricier model than some will want, but it is worth it. The ability to mix and match options around the base is a huge bonus and I certainly love using the TS-PC with the Ferrari Alcantara wheel. It is a strong unit, but it is second to none when it comes to accuracy and overall feel.

The entire ecosystem of products that can be used with this wheel base. Not as extensive as what Fanatec offers, but it still gives plenty of options. Not pictured are the newer Sparco branded products that are now available.

If there is one downside it is that it does not come with pedals. I feel that Thrustmaster currently is behind in terms of pedal quality, even with the T3PA-Pro set that I tested the base with. While it is a flexible unit in terms of being able to adjust it from F1 position to GT position for the pedals, the overall feel of the accelerator and brake are not nearly as good as when one can get with the 3 pedal CSL Elite (with brake cell). The CSL unit will cost more, but overall build and feel is superior there.

Overall I have no qualms about recommending the TS-PC for a consumer looking to take a deeper dive into racing titles. With so many quality titles out there, it makes sense to try to maximize the budget and purchase a unit like the TS-PC which will give years of top end performance and good compatibility with new and upcoming titles. It is expensive for most people, as $550 or so fully kitted out is not pocket change. But if a user is serious about wanting the best overall experience for their racing titles, then it is money well spent.


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