Final Thoughts and Conclusions

That pretty much covers it – the Corsair AX1600i Digital PSU has proven itself to be an outstanding power supply! Here are a few of the reasons why we feel that way:

•    The AX1600i easily meets the 80 Plus Titanium certification standards for high efficiency (while operating on 120VAC and at elevated temperatures).
•    The AX1600i uses a bridgeless totem-pole PFC circuit utilizing GaN power FETs, which results in higher efficiency, increased reliability, better heat dissipation and smaller size.
•    The AX1600i features Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to provide very tight voltage regulation – the best we have seen to date. Having DSP onboard also contributes to high efficiency, low AC ripple/noise, and increased reliability.
•    The AX1600i Digital supports Corsair Link, which allows the end user to monitor and control component parameters like performance, noise (fan speed), and Over Current Protection (OCP) settings.  
•    The AX1600i is one of a very few PC power supplies that can deliver 1,600 watts of continuous DC power while operating on a standard 15A, 120 VAC circuit.

Corsair continues to be recognized as an industry leader for bringing a full line of high quality power supplies, memory components, cases, cooling components, SSDs and accessories to market for the PC enthusiast and professional alike.  The Corsair AX1600i Digital ATX power supply delivers extremely clean DC outputs, with outstanding voltage regulation and efficiency.  Under light loads the AX1600i runs in silent, fanless mode (up to ~40% load) and continues to stay relatively quiet under normal operating conditions.  The AX1600i Digital comes with an excellent assortment of all-modular cables that can support the latest CPUs and multiple, high-end video cards.  And let’s not forget the built-in self-diagnostic test feature, state of the art active PFC, high-quality components, Corsair Link monitoring and control, and Corsair’s 10-year warranty!

While not really a complaint, one feature I would like to see that is not offered on the AX1600i is the ability to turn On or Off fan-less mode. I personally prefer to have a little air moving at all times.

The MSRP for the Corsair AX1600i Digital power supply is $449.99 USD. Not everyone needs (or can justify) a 1600 watt PSU, but if you do, in our opinion the AX1600i Digital is currently the best PC power supply money can buy.

•    Smart PSU incorporates Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
•    Up to 1,600W DC output, rated at 50°C, from 120VAC mains
•    Outstanding efficiency (80 Plus Titanium certified)
•    Outstanding voltage regulation
•    Outstanding AC ripple/noise suppression
•    Latest topology: bridgeless totem-pole PFC circuit utilizing GaN power FETs
•    Corsair Link software allows monitoring and adjusting component parameters
•    Silent fan-less mode during low power operation (below ~40% load)
•    Quiet operation with 140mm FDB fan
•    Excellent build quality with high quality components
•    Built-in self-diagnostic test feature
•    Universal AC input (100-240VAC) with Active PFC
•    Single +12V output up to 133.3A
•    Excellent selection of all modular cables
•    Ten PCI-E connectors for multiple graphic card support
•    Backed by a 10-year warranty

•    None

Corsair AX1600i Digital ATX Power Supply

I would like to thank our friends at Corsair for sending us this remarkable PSU to review – thank you and keep up the good work!

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