There is an offer on the table for Belkin worth $866m, being made by a Foxconn subsidiary.  You might think of Belkin solely as a provide of mobile phone accessories and a smattering of wireless devices, however they also own Linksys and the smart home device provider Wemo, which makes this deal bigger than you might have thought.  Belkin is a US based company so this purchase will face the same hurdle as Broadcom faced when it attempted to purchase Qualcomm earlier this year.  Slashdot has links for more information, though the Financial Times still resides behind a paywall.

"The buyout would make Foxconn a major player in consumer electronics, instead of just a contract manufacturing company. Belkin primarily sells phone/tablet accessories, but also manufactures networking equipment like routers and Wi-Fi range extenders. The company also sells a range of smart home products under the Wemo brand"

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