Less expensive NVMe SSDs are something we would all love to see and businesses are no different.  Facebook, Amazon, Google and other companies who store a lot of data which needs to be quickly accessed spend a lot on flash and they are intensely interested in anything that can be done to reduce the costs.  Microsoft have come up with a proposed change in SSD design which they call Denali.  It will reduce the cost of SSDs by moving many of functions SSD controllers currently handle up the stack, which would allow the use of less expensive controllers on the SSD which will reduce the cost of manufacturing.  They have many partners including controller designers such as Micron onboard, so we should see something come out of this project.  Pick up a truckload of more intel over at The Register.

"Denali is a reference architecture for NVMe SSDs which removes software functionality found in many SSDs today and sends them up the stack. The functions include address mapping, garbage collection and wear-levelling."

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