Conclusion, Pricing, and Final Thoughts



  • Good performance.
  • Highly competitive cost (see below).


  • Cache size of ~4-5GB does not scale up proportionally with capacity.
  • Caching performance inconsistent under heavier loads.

Pricing (as currently listed at MyDigitalDiscount)

  • 128GB – $56   ($0.43/GB)
  • 256GB – $89   ($0.34/GB
  • 512GB – $150 ($0.29/GB)
  • 1TB     – $318 ($0.31/GB)

Prices are great. These are not only cheaper than 960 EVOs, they are cheaper than 860 EVO (SATA) SSDs at the smaller capacities, all while offering better performance.

Warranty and Endurance

Endurance: 120TBW (128GB), 200TBW (256GB), 375TBW (512GB), 800TBW (1TB)

Warranty period is 5 years, and the endurance figures are solid, even if they don't seem to scale proportionally with capacity.

Final Thoughts

The MyDigitalSSD SBX line achieves the goal of getting consumers from the 'MB/s range' of SATA SSDs into the 'GB/s range' of NVMe products. Sure the interface is limited to PCIe 3.0 x2, but that's a justified consequence of using the Phison PS5008 E8 controller, which brings higher power efficiency and lower cost. Despite the lower straight line speeds, I'm impressed with the performance and especially the price of the SBX SSD lineup, and will likely make it a default recommendation for budget builds moving forward.

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