Final Thoughts and Conclusions

The PRIME 600W Titanium Fanless power supply is one of Seasonic’s new flagship products. During our tests the PRIME 600W Fanless PSU delivered outstanding efficiency (easily meeting the 80 Plus Titanium certification criteria), extremely tight voltage regulation, and clean DC outputs.  Add to that a 12-year warranty and an excellent assortment of all modular cables and you have one more great power supply in Seasonic’s lineup.

Fanless power supplies still occupy a relatively small niche market and won’t appeal to everyone. But if you need/want a truly fanless unit, the PRIME 600W Titanium will be hard to beat!

And please remember, it is very important to provide excellent case airflow for a fanless power supply to operate properly. The last thing you want to do is install one inside a sealed enclosure (or standard case with no case fans).

The Seasonic PRIME 600W Titanium Fanless power supply is currently available and selling for $189.99 USD ( or $199.99 USD ( as of February 2018.

•    Fanless operation (0dBA)
•    Excellent efficiency across a broad range of loads (80Plus Titanium certified)
•    Outstanding voltage regulation
•    Low AC ripple even at 100% load
•    Single +12V output can deliver up to 50A/600W
•    Four PCI-E connectors (6/8-pin) and two 4+4 pin/8-pin ATX/EPS 12V
•    12-Year warranty
•    Active PFC with universal AC input
•    All modular, flat ribbon-style cables with gold-plated connectors
•    Excellent build quality and all Japanese made capacitors

•    Fanless operation requires excellent case airflow
•    80 Plus Titanium Efficiency + Fanless = Expensive

Seasonic PRIME 600W Titanium Fanless Power Supply

Our thanks to Seasonic for sending us their latest Fanless PSU to review – thank you!

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