Cloudflare made the odd decision to announce their new encrypted DNS service on April Fools Day, however a week later has proved not to be a joke as it is still up and running.  Even better, in the past week there has been huge amount of traffic through the new DNS and it has proved to be stable and quick.  If you are looking for a way to prevent your online traffic to be tracked via your DNS requests then consider updating your settings on your PC or router to use the new DNS, though be aware some ISPs get twitchy when you move off of their DNS servers and may do interesting things to your service.   If you are curious about DNS encryption and why you might want to use it you should check out Ars Technica's write up here.

"While executed with some unique Cloudflare flare, isn't the first encrypted DNS service by any means—Quad9, Cisco's OpenDNS, Google's service, and a host of smaller providers support various schemes to encrypt DNS requests entirely. But encryption doesn't necessarily mean that your traffic is invisible; some encrypted DNS services log your requests for various purposes."

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