AlterEgo is a project from MIT to allow you to interface with a computer via neuromuscular face twitches, translating subtle movements into text.  You need to wear a sensor which looks a little like a confused facehugger that attached to your hear from the rear.  The headset uses bone conduction to detect sub-vocalized speach, you do not even need to move your mouth in order for your words to register.  The Register reports that AlterEgo has an an impressive 92% accuracy rate, good enough for use but with the possibility of some humorous results.  This will be a huge boon for those who lack the ability to speak as well as offering a way to interface with VR by removing the need for a keyboard to enter text.  Check it out here.

"Boffins at MIT have developed a silent speech interface called AlterEgo that allows wearers to communicate via text translated from neuromuscular signals – tiny face twitches – without a visible tell."

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