Benchmark Testing

Synthetic Benchmark Testing

SiSoft Sandra 2017 SP2

SiSoftware's Sandra benchmark is an industry-standard suite for measuring various aspects of a systems performance. We use the CPU and memory-subsystem tests to validate how well those subsystems perform related to similar classed boards. This test was repeated three times with the highest repeatable scores recorded from each benchmark.

The Sandra benchmarks remain a fast and easy way to determine system quality from a CPU and memory subsystem perspective. The Z370 Lightsaber motherboard performed well, maching performance with the other Intel Z370-based board. This CPU and memory performance parity indicates proper CPU and memory subsystem operation.

Multimedia and System Benchmark Testing

Handbrake v1.0.7

Handbrake was used to convert an uncompressed version of the Iron Man Blu-ray movie in MKV format to a compressed 1080P30 MP4 format. The Iron Man MKV file was ripped from the Blu-ray disc in the past with the file size for the uncompressed media coming in at 26 GB. Handbrake was run with the Fast 1080p30 preset settings enforced with the exception of Anamorphic set to Loose. This test was repeated three times with the lowest repeatable conversion time recorded.

Video encoding is one of the more system intensive operations, making it a good test to measure system performance quirks under elevated usage scenarios. The Z370 Lightsaber motherboard continues to show strong performance against the other test systems, further indicating the board's optimal design.

Maxon Cinebench R15

Maxon’s Cinebench R15 benchmark can be used determine a system's ability to render 3D content based on their Cinema 4D animation software. The CPU benchmark test was run three times, with the highest reproducible Cinebench points score recorded.

The content rendering test posed no issues to the Z370 Lightsaber board with its performance staying close to that of the other Z370-based test system.

FutureMark PCMark 8

FutureMark Corporation’s PCMark 8 can be used to reliably ascertain a system’s performance in a Windows 10-based use environment. The benchmark tests chosen for benchmarking included the Home test, Creative test, and Work test. All test suites within the PCMark 8 benchmark were run three times, with the highest reproducible PCMark scores recorded. Note that the Applications test results were not included because of issues encountered between the benchmark and the version of Windows 10 used for testing.

The Z370 Lightsaber motherboard easily kept pace with the other Intel Z370-base test system, as expected. This benchmark better illustrates board performance in real-world business-style applications.

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