The Z370 Lightsaber motherboard performed within expectations under stock conditions easily matching performance with other Intel Z370-based boards. No overclocking results were shown because of non-board related processor issues we encountered with our test CPU.


As of April 02, the ECS Z370 Lightsaber motherboard was not available from any US retailers.


The Z370 Lightsaber is a very well designed product, illustrating ECS' ability to design an enthusiast-friendly product in this crowded marketplace. The board featured matte-black aesthetics, guaranteed to blend in almost any build. Design-wise, ECS did integrated high-end features normally found on more costly board like the 14-phase digital power system, a slew of ports, and top-notch sound. They even integrated a dual BIOS design to ensure proper system operation under any circumstances.


  • Stock performance
  • Price
  • Overclocking potential
  • Board aesthetics, layout, and design
  • li>UEFI BIOS design and usability
  • No bandwidth sharing between PCIe slots and M.2 port
  • GigE network controller performance
  • M.2 port placement
  • Inclusion of enthusiast-friendly features – dual CMOS chips, on-board power / reset / Quick OC / BIOS function buttons, 2-digit LED diagnostic display


  • Lack of US retail availability
  • CMOS battery placement
  • BIOS reset button in rear panel
  • Motherboard manual details
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