Introduction and Case Exterior

A compact ATX case with a high-airflow mesh front panel

The Meshify C – TG from Fractal Design is a high-airflow ATX case design with some added style from its unique angled front panel. Throw in a tempered glass side panel and a pair of pre-installed Dynamic X2 GP-12 120 mm fans and the $89.99 price tag looks pretty good – but how did it perform? We'll find out.

Having reviewed a few Fractal Design cases in the past three years I have come to expect a few things from their enclosures: solid construction, intelligent internal layouts, and excellent cable management. As to style, their cases are generally understated, and the Meshify's black color scheme with a tinted glass side certainly fits the bill – though the angled front mesh design catches the light and does add some visual interest.

More than a single enclosure, Meshify is now a dedicated line from Fractal Design, with a new Meshify C Mini for mATX/mITX motherboards, as well as variants of this Meshify C including a model with a solid side panel (the standard Meshify C) and one with dark-tinted glass (Meshify C – Dark TG). Regardless of which model you might be considering, they share a common design focused on high airflow (with a full compliment of filters), flexible storage options, and maximizing component space within their compact dimensions.


  • Motherboard compatibility: ATX, mATX, ITX
  • Expansion slots: 7
  • 3.5" or 2.5" Drive capacity: 2
  • Dedicated 2.5" drive capacity: 3 (maximum 2.5" drive thickness is 12 mm)  
  • Power supply type: ATX
  • Total fan mounts: 7
    • Front fan: 3x 120 or 2x 140, 1x Dynamic X2 GP-12 included
    • Top fan: 2x 120/140
    • Rear fan: 1x 120, 1x Dynamic X2 GP-12 included
    • Bottom fan: 1x 120
  • Radiator Support:
    • Front radiator: 120/240/360 mm 140/280 mm
    • Top radiator: 120/240 mm (max component height on motherboard 40mm)
    • Rear radiator: 120 mm (max width 125 mm)
  • Component Clearance:
    • Power supply depth limit: Maximum 175 mm recommended
    • Graphics card length limit: Max 315 mm with front fan mounted
    • CPU cooler height limit: 172 mm
  • Dust filters: Bottom fan + PSU Front fans Top fans
  • Cable routing: 15-35 mm space
  • Cable routing grommets: Yes
  • Fixed velcro straps: Yes
  • Captive thumbscrews: Right side panel SSD brackets
  • Left side panel: Tempered Glass
  • Case dimensions (with feet/protrusions/screws), LxWxH: 409 x 217 x 453 mm
  • Net weight: 6.5 kg

The case arrives in the usual protective packaging that survives the perils of ground shipping admirably, especially important in the age of tempered glass side panels. At first glance the case looks pretty good with that glass side and unusual front design.

Rather than having a simple, flat surface, the steel mesh front panel has been designed with various angles that give it a sort of cut gemstone look. The design adds style to what is a functional choice, as the mesh panel provides additional intake airflow – though designs like this often sacrifice a noise reduction as a result (we'll find out about that aspect later on). The panel also pops out to reveal a full length air filter on the back side.

The top of the case includes a magnetic screen filter

Peeling back the protective plastic reveals the full reflective glory of this tempered glass panel – captured here without a polarizing filter (enjoy the reflections!).

Other than the glass side panel and interesting mesh front, the rest of the case is quite similar to other efforts from Fractal Design, and while a compact design we are still looking at an ATX-compatible case with 7 expansion slots (larger motherboards such as EATX are not supported).

The bottom the enclosure features a full-length filter which slides out from the front for easy access.

The included accessory pack offers separate bags for each type of screws, which is always appreciated.

Next we'll take a look inside the Meshify C – TG.

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