Interior and Build Notes

While a compact case, the Meshify C offers quite a bit of room inside for components thanks to the open interior, and this should translate into an easy build.

Behind the motherboard tray things are typical Fractal Design – and that's a good thing.

Velcro strips to help route cables in the recessed area to the left, a removable SSD mounting plate behind the motherboard, and a pair of 3.5-inch hard drive mounts on the bottom left are the main areas of focus here.

Build Notes

Lack of 5.25-inch drives has become a foregone conclusion in the industry, but proper vertical space in compact cases has not.

Adding in an ATX motherboard in the Meshify still leaves adequate space for a top-mounted 240 mm AiO liquid cooler, thanks to the offset upper fan mounts. 280 would be another story, depending on the motherboard heatsinks and RAM height.

I switched out the liquid cooler to the standard air solution used in case review benchmarks and set to work completing the build, which went as easily as expected.

Around back we'll quickly look at storage options:

The completed build is pretty clean without much work thanks to the velcro cable straps and plenty of grommeted cable routing openings.

Next we'll take a look at performance with the Meshify C.

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