Processors fabbed by Intel over the last decade are all vulnerable to one of the Spectre vulnerabilities which were revealed, even after the patches and microcode updates which have been released to mitigate the flaw.  It would seem that over 230 models, dating back to 2011, which are still vulnerable to Spectre V2 will remain so indefinitely as fixing the issue is both incredibly complex and not economically beneficial to Intel.  The chipmaker have removed quite a few models from their patching process, The Inquirer links to the full list.

If you have one of these chips, Intel seems to suggest buying a new CPU and motherboard is your best option … though they don't have to be from Intel, now do they?

"INTEL MIGHT NOT BE ABLE to fix the second version of the Spectre flaw that affects more than 230 models of its processors, due to how difficult it is to remove the vulnerability."

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