Warranty, Pricing, and Conclusion


The ICY DOCK ToughArmor MB516SP-B (and virtually every other ToughArmor branded product) ships with a 3-year warranty.


I also listed the price of the MB998SP-B to keep some perspective. While we are comparing a street price to an MSRP, mainly due to the early review of this product and its lack of hitting the larger outlets just yet, we do have a 2.8x price difference for a product with only 2x the number of bays. That said, I have found it online for as low as $288 (NextWarehouse) as of this writing, and it is also worth considering you are getting miniSAS HD connectivity instead of the hassle of dealing with 16 individual SATA cables.


ICY DOCK has made hot swap enclosures in 4-bay, 6-bay, and ultimately 8-bay. I didn't expect them to step this further, but they certainly surprised me. The change did require a taller dual-bay 5.25" form factor and a transition to quad mini-SDS HD ports, but those are welcome and necessary additions. If you are looking for a well built 16-bay how-swap backplane and have a pair of 5.25" bays available to do so, the ICY DOCK MB516SP-B offers an easy solution for this need.

I'm awarding the MB516SP-B Editor's Choice as it's the only game in town for fitting 16 2.5" 7mm drives into a dual 5.25" housing. Not only does it meet that goal, it does so in a high-quality and highly durable fit and finish.

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