CPU Performance Benchmarks

To demontrate CPU performance with the Snapdragon 845-powered Galaxy S9+ we begin with Geekbench results:

Right off the bat it's clear that the S9+ is quite a bit faster than the S8+ from last year. The single-threaded performance is much higher, which naturally translates into better multi-threaded numbers in these tests.

In each sub-test we see better numbers with the GS9+ compared to the GS8+, but Apple's combination of A11 Bionic CPU cores and famously optimized custom OS is too much for the Snapdragon 845 – though the gap is closing.

Moving on to a pair of general performanace benchmarks, we'll first take a look at the overall result from Basemark OS II 2.0, which tests both CPU and GPU performance:

Here the iPhone X has a smaller lead, with the added GPU performance of the Snapdragon 845 helping the GS9+ close the gap (more on GPU perf on the next page).

Now we will shift gears to the overall result using the Android-only Work 2.0 benchmark:

A score of nearly 1000 points higher than last year's Snapdragon 835-powered Galaxy S8+ is very impressive, and it's the highest score we've seen with this test to date.

On the next page we will look at some GPU benchmarks and find out how much better Qualcomm's new Adreno 630 graphics might be.

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