If you are shopping around for a smart speaker and do not find the options offered by Apple, Google or others compelling the Sonos One might appear on your radar.  The Inquirer has some good news for you, as they have just wrapped up a review of the speaker, at $250CDN/$200USD.  The speaker currently supports Alexa, with plans for Google Voice to be added in the near future which may be worth waiting for as The Inq found some issue with the integration of the Amazonian product.  As long as you are not trying to fill an larger than normal space with the speaker the audio quality is top notch, for a wireless speaker, and unobtrusive design ensures it will fit in with your decor.

"The compact cylindrical Sonos One is hardly the most strikingly designed smart speaker around. Available in black or light grey, it has a very matter-of-fact utilitarian look that's nowhere near as eye-catching as Apple's HomePod or indeed the Google Home Max, which has yet to hit UK shores."

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