The new HTC Vive Pro offers better resolution, 1440×1600 per eye or 2880×1600 in total and a new physical design which incorporates headphones into the body and the connection to the PC is a single cable which leads into a junction box to split into the various required connectors.  Ars Technica tested the new VR headset with a GTX 1060 as well as a 1080Ti and found both able to handle the new Vive Pro and to show enhanced performance compared to the original model.  In the end they questioned the value you get for the price, as the price increased significantly more than the performance did.

"HTC's Vive Pro, launching this week, comes with a name and a price tag ($799 for an upgrade from the original Vive, or $1,099 for new Vive owners) that suggests a revelatory jump in the VR experience, well beyond what already wowed us in early 2016."

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