Performance Focus – ADATA XPG SX8200 480GB

I'm sticking with the 'burst vs. saturated' plots here, as they do well to show both sustained performance and the more realistic (for client PC usage) burst throughputs.



Burst and sustained reads for both sequential and random are overlapping in the above two charts, which is expected. For writes, we see the story change, as the SLC cache is exhausted during a saturated/sustained write operation, resulting in lower results there (blue line vs. grey line).

Burst Random %Read Sweep

No surprises here. Scaling is as expected for NAND flash and we see no oddities at mixed workloads of varying percentiles.


While caching performance was decent, with the SX8200 doing its best to ensure there was always *some* SLC cache available for the next write, we did note it to be rather inconsistent. One run in the middle of the write series managed to go a full 80GB at SLC speeds, while others began writing direct-to-TLC after only a few seconds / ~7GB written. That said, the write starts were always SLC speed, which is the most important factor here.

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