Interior and Build Notes

Accessing the interior of the Portal is a unique experience. It begins with the removal of a pair of thumbscrews near the base of the rear panel, and this allows the entire internal frame to slide out on a metal track.

A look inside the case with the internal component frame removed

Once you have pulled the internal frame out it can be lifted off the track, providing unfettered access for component installation. The case is narrow but still offers intake and exhaust fans:

The process or installing a mini-ITX motherboard and main components is easy with this frame removed:

Storage options include a 2.5-inch SSD bracket with a pair of 3.5-inch drive bays beneath.

The completed build is easy to keep organized – particularly with a modular SFX power supply such as the one I used.

And since we have the version with a top window, the installed graphics card is on display up top with the case re-assembled:

With the build completed it's time to see how the Portal performs in our temperature and noise tests.

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