Fit, Sound Quality, and Conclusion

Fit and Comfort

At a little under 12 oz the HS70 is a lightweight headset, and it is also a very comfortable one. Clamping force was right on the money for me – just a moderate amount of pressure against the sides of the head so they didn’t feel too tight, yet stayed in place well – and the memory foam cushioning is soft enough to allow for long sessions.

There is sufficient movement to the ear cup to allow for a variety of head shapes, but it's worth noting that these do not fold flat like some other options out there.

Headband adjustments click securely and hold well, and the overall fit of the HS70 is very good.

The microphone is one of the better designs I've encountered, holding position once adjusted better than any of the boom style mics in recent memory.

I'll quickly cover microphone sound quality here as well: good clarity with moderate background noise reduction, little bass (sounds like a headset mic).

Listening Impressions

The first thing I'll point out is that these performed differently on a low battery, so don't judge them straight out of the box. As a wireless-only headset all of the work in powering the 50 mm drivers falls on the internal amplifier, and this certainly works better with a full charge, as I discovered. Even though on a low battery the headset technically works, the difference with a fully charged battery was startling. Immediately I noticed that the bass was well controlled, and dynamics (shifts from quiet to loud sounds) improved greatly and were properly dramatic. The HS70 really has impressive bass response, getting deep enough to simulate a small subwoofer without affecting the neutral balance of the overall sound. Aside from an impressively "uncolored" sound these have a tremendous amout of clarity in both the all-important midrange and in the upper frequencies.

Another positive is the channel separation, which is excellent and provides a wide stereo field (also called the "soundstage"). This brings us to directional effects with the simulated 7.1-channel surround option, controllable via software. The more distinct the left and right channels sound in regular stereo mixes, the more effective surround effects will be when you only have two drivers to work with. I’ve certainly heard headsets with a more “narrow” sound, and far less convincing surround effects as a result. The HS70 avails itself admirably here, and surround is quite impressive.

The condensed version: the HS70 provides deep bass, loads of midrange detail, and great high frequency response. They are full and detailed, providing equally great sound for gaming, movies, and music. If you’re used to the “scooped” sound of headsets that put emphasis on bass and have less midrange detail you are in for a treat as these put most of the gaming headsets on the market to shame with their remarkably clear sound.


Corsair’s HS70 offers exceptional clarity with impressively deep bass, providing dramatic, lifelike sound from games and music alike. Add their light weight and comfortable fit and these are a fantastic wireless option for any sort of PC audio, and one of the best headsets I’ve heard at any price.

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