The Inquirer reports today on the revival of Intellivision by a man named Tommy Tallarico, who describes it as "new concept, design and approach to gaming." One hopes so as the original model sported an awe inspiring 1.78 MHz processor, 524B of RAM with 932B of graphics RAM; no there are no missing K's or M's in those specs.  The system did offer numerous impressive features for the time, including voice synthesis and add-ons such as a keyboard and of course, Burger Time! 

Some of these revivals have gone well, others like the Sinclair not so much. There is a while to go before the October reveal, but more news may slip out as we approach the announced date.

"Intellivision, launched by Mattel in 1979 as a rival for the likes of the Atari 2600, is set to re-emerge this October, presumably to do battle with the Atari VCS, also due later this year."

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