Introduction, Specifications and Packaging

A LARGER consumer 3D XPoint SSD!


Over the past couple of days, we saw some rumors and e-tailer appearances of the Intel SSD 905P. Essentially an incremental upgrade to the 900P, with a few notable differences. Specs see a slight bump across the board, as do capacities, but the most striking difference is Intel’s apparent choice to move forward with the blue-LED enabled design seen in a press deck slide that began circulating last year:

That upper right design seemed pretty cool at the time, and I never thought we would see it materialize, but less than 24 hours ago this arrived at the office:

Note: The color is user adjustable – we just don't have the software for it yet.

*edit* colors are configurable via command line, using the most recent SSD toolbox app. The possible colors are limited (literally red/green/blue/off – that's it), but I've confirmed that the setting does persist after reboot / power cycling / changing systems. This is a welcome change over other RGB-enabled components that require software to always be installed to control (or even turn off) lighting. Here's a look at the other two colors:

*end edit*

Well now that it’s here, let’s see what it can do!


The 905P lineup ratchets up the capacities previously available with the 900P. The add-in card (HHHL) form factor gets a bump up to a sole 960GB part, while the U.2 2.5” form factor moves up to 480GB (it was previously only available in the 280GB capacity for the 900P). Performance specs are a slight nudge higher than the 900P. Random reads moves from 550k to 575k, writes from 500k to 550k, sequential reads from 2.5 to 2.6GB/s, and writes from 2.0 to 2.2GB/s. Operating temp range upper limit moved from 70C to 85C.


The same premium packaging seen with the 900P with the exception of the Star Citizen branding present on that model (seen here). I confirmed with Intel that while the 900P is still shipping with a Star Citizen license, while the 905P does not. Seems odd given the 905P is a more premium product/capacity, but I digress (for now – more on that when we look at pricing).

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