Pricing and Closing Thoughts

Pricing and Conclusions

As we have referred to a few times during this review, the ASUS PG27UQ comes in at a staggering price tag of $1,999.99.

While ASUS originally announced availability for the PG27UQ as the end of June, Newegg is currently taking pre-orders with a release date of July 13th. After such a long wait, and so many delays, we are eager to see these monitors finally make it to gamer's hands.

It's clear that the ASUS PG27UQ is the best gaming monitor we have ever laid eyes on, and it is not even close. The color and the brightness that lead to the best HDR implementation to date, along with the variable refresh rate capability of G-SYNC, not to mention the 4K resolution, create a truly awe-inspiring combination. Gaming on the panel was unlike anything else, and we still sit around the office and just stare at it when idling at a game screen.

As mentioned before, the 27-in screen size is fine, but we would have loved to see a bigger option. Given the cost and resolution, I think most would prefer to invest in a 32-in screen. Still, sitting in front of the PG27UQ with G-SYNC HDR never got old.

Despite our positive experience with the ASUS PG27UQ G-SYNC HDR monitor, it's a difficult product to recommend to just about anyone. This is just one of those cases where the best item in a segment costs significantly more than any other product, and that's just the way it's going to be. 

HDR has the potential to be a transformative technology for gaming and is something that everyone should experience. However, at this price tag, it's currently a technology for the top tier.

Given the immense complications with producing panels this size with a 384-zone FALD (full-array, local dimming) backlight, as well as the FPGA in use, it seems difficult to even imagine the price tag coming down substantially in the near term.

While we can't recommend most people shell out the $2000 on this display, those who have the money to spare won't be disappointed with the experience. It's the best monitor you can buy, we just wish more of us COULD buy it. 

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