Unicomp describes their Ultra Classic keyboard as hand made, which The Tech Report does not find sufficient to explain a variety of minor flaws in the build of the keycaps and chassis.  The bottom and sides of the otherwise extremely well made keycaps are rough, showing rough marks remaining from the moulding process and the bottom of the keyboard is not particularly flat.  Considering the aesthetics of the IBM Model M, this is unlikely to deter fans from considering purchasing the keyboard.  What really matters is the feel, which when they got around to describing it included the word 'joy'.  The keycaps are replaceable, the red and yellow ones in the picture below are not the originals so the minor marring from the manufacturing process can be resolved if you are as interested in form as you are in function.  Take a gander at the full review and see what you think.

"Unicomp's Ultra Classic keyboard takes the iconic buckling-spring key switch that's been the darling of many a keyboard enthusiast and packages it in a slimmer, sleeker chassis than the original IBM Model M. We got the Ultra Classic under our fingers to see whether it's as timeless as ever."

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