Redmond is hiring people to work at selling, and in theory supporting, the Microsoft Managed Desktop.  For this fee you can be confident that your device will be set up exactly the way Microsoft intended and perhaps even have someone to talk other than Cortana if things go belly up.  It seems to be part of the Desktop As A Service business model, with this being a monthly lease to keep your hardware, as well as ensuring Bing remains as your main search engine.  It is unclear from The Inquirer or the sites they linked to if you need to bring your own device or if your monthly bill includes a device; though at $10 a month it seems unlikely hardware is included.

"INQ predicts that "correctly" will involve all analytics possible being sent to Microsoft, Cortana made to interrupt everything to offer an opinion like some Blade Runner-esque version of Clippy, and worst of all, Bing being constantly reset as the default search engine."

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