Final Thoughts and Conclusions

From start to finish the Seasonic Prime Ultra 750W Titanium power supply proved to be an outstanding unit. This has become the norm in our experience with Seasonic’s PRIME power supplies and the new Ultra units are holding up this tradition.

Seasonic’s PRIME Ultra 750W Titanium power supply excelled in every way throughout our testing. We have said before that the Seasonic Prime Series are some of the best power supplies we have tested to date. So let’s review what “best” means to us. Here is a brief checklist of the various areas where we expect a PSU to perform and deliver. In each case the PRIME Ultra 750W Titanium power supply met or exceeded our expectations.

•    Tight voltage/load regulation (=0.5% is outstanding)
•    Excellent AC ripple and noise suppression – check
•    High efficiency – it doesn’t get any better than 80 Plus Titanium
•    Selectable fanless fan control mode – check
•    Very quiet, high quality FDB fan – check
•    Fully or semi-modular cable design – check
•    Flat ribbon-style and/or sleeved cables – check
•    High-quality components and excellent build quality – check
•    At least a 5-year warranty (12-Years is outstanding)

The electrical performance of the PRIME Ultra 750W Titanium PSU was excellent. What really stands out is the super-tight voltage regulation (thanks to Seasonic’s Micro Tolerance Load Regulation), 80 Plus Titanium efficiency and great AC ripple and noise suppression.

We also like the ability to choose whether or not to run in fanless mode or not (I personally like to have the fan spinning at all times to keep a little air moving). The PRIME Ultra Titanium Series also features an excellent assortment of fully modular, flat ribbon-style cables with dedicated PCI-E connectors and a large, quiet cooling fan with a Fluid Dynamic Bearing. The only thing I would change is going with a few fixed cables for the mobo/CPU and PCI-E cable/connectors.

In addition to outstanding performance, the PRIME Titanium Series power supplies offer a full complement of safety and protection features. And Seasonic even tricked out the Ultra enclosure a little with a chrome-plated fan grill. The following pricing is from (May 2018).

•    Pricing for PRIME Ultra 650W Titanium $159.90 USD
•    Pricing for PRIME Ultra 750W Titanium $179.90 USD
•    Pricing for PRIME Ultra 850W Titanium $190.90 USD
•    Pricing for PRIME Ultra 1000W Titanium $259.90 USD

•    650W, 750W, 850W, or 1000W continuous DC output
•    Ultra-high efficiency, 80 PLUS Titanium certified
•    Micro-Tolerance Load Regulation (MTLR)
•    Top-quality 135mm Fluid Dynamic Bearing fan
•    Premium Hybrid Fan Control (allows fanless operation at low power)
•    Superior AC ripple and noise suppression (under 20 mV)
•    Fully modular cabling design
•    Multi-GPU support with (4) dedicated PCI-E cables/connectors
•    Protections: OPP,OVP,UVP,SCP,OCP and OTP
•    12-Year Manufacturer’s warranty
Weaknesses :
•    Max operating temp derated to 40C above 80% load

Seasonic PRIME Ultra 750W Titanium Power Supply

And once again, our thanks to Seasonic for designing such a capable power supply and sending us one to review!

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