According to Hackaday, 50 of the 147 HobbyTowns in the US will soon contain a 5002 foot RadioShack Express section.  In it you will find electronic components which should go beyond the basic equipment offered in HobbyTown and will more resemble the Radio Shack of yore.  It may soon be that you can pop down to grab some resistors, caps or other random surface mounted kit, along with a variety of the other components you could once grab after a quick car ride as opposed to waiting for the mail order to arrive.  Pop on over if you have an interest in the history and the possible resurgence of Radio Shack.

"Still, I’m cautiously optimistic that this is a positive development for RadioShack, and I think it’s a win for electronics hobbyists overall. I’ll be keeping my eye on my local HobbyTown for the return of that iconic RadioShack logo, and looking forward to the day that I can pay a buck for a resistor again."

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