Researchers at UCLA have printed out their own type of neural network, one which utilizes light instead of electrons to process inputs.  The D2NN would be trained in feature recognition and analysis as well as classification and would do so at a much faster rate than a conventional neural net.  Another benefit is that once you have printed plates with the correct patterns to successfully classify objects, the only power required for this is the light source being processed, no internal electricity required.  This passive design implies that teaching the network may require printing new sheets, though the link at Slashdot was not completely clear about that detail … much like the sheets themselves.

"Matt Kennedy from New Atlas reports of an all-optical Diffractive Deep Neural Network (D2NN) architecture that uses light diffracted through numerous plates instead of electrons. It was developed by Dr. Aydogan Ozcan and his team of researchers at the Chancellor's Professor of electrical and computer engineering at UCLA."

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