Amplitude are taking the expansion portion of their 4X games quite seriously, with new expansions for both Endless Space 2 and Endless Legends.  Endless Space 2 is the newer of these games, with the expansion reviving the Hissho race as well as a new supersized class of ship, the Behemoth.  Endless Legend will be turning four this September, but Amplitude have been keeping it fresh with a steady stream of expansions.  This latest introduces some displaced golems as well as a new lava biome and new events.  They are not free, so take a look at the trailers over at Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN before getting too excited.

"The endless Endless games will continue in August with new paid expansions for sci-fi 4X strategy game Endless Space 2 and its fantasy cousin Endless Legend, developers Amplitude Studios announced today."

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