Performance Focus – Intel SSD 660p 1TB

I'm sticking with the 'burst vs. saturated' plots here, as they do well to show both sustained performance and the more realistic (for client PC usage) burst throughputs.


Random looks good. Even sustained random is respectable given this is a budget product.


Burst and sustained (saturated) reads are nearly identical, but that is not so for writes. Sustained writes drop to ~100 MB/s once the SLC write cache has been depleted. More on that below.


Ok, so we know how much the 660p slows down once the cache has been depleted, but how much cache do we have in practice?

The short answer here is – A LOT. This revised version of our cache test runs eight 60 second write passes with varying idle time prior to each pass (noted by '+600, +300…' on the X axis). The 660p was able to write 70-85GB of data on each pass, which was impressive especially near the center of the chart, where the idle time between passes squeezes all the way down to just a few seconds. We did note some oddities where the 660p appeared caught off guard by the start of the next large write, where the speed dipped down to QLC folding speed for a few seconds, but it seemed to rapidly recover in all cases here. Note: this test is performed with the SSD in a half-filled state, so we have roughly half of the available maximum dynamic cache at this point in the sequence.

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