PC Perspective Podcast Live Q&A  08/08/18

Join us this week for a special live Q&A session!

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Hosts: Jeremy Hellstrom, Josh Walrath, Sebastion Peak, Alex Lustenberg

Program length: 1:22:48

Topics of discussion:
0:02:44 Why don't we have SMT on GPUs like on CPUs?
0:06:16 Did PCPer get a Threadripper2?
0:11:15 Why are Cherry MY switches no longer used or sold?
0:13:25 Is Celeron vs Atom still a big deal?
0:19:15 Windows over agressively caching resulting in jitter?
0:22:35 What was more impactful, x86-64 or multi core?
0:30:30 What do you think has gone wrong with Intel's 10nm process?
0:35:40 Will AMD's ZEN 2 launch result in a process lead?
0:41:05 Can Jeremy do IT support in his underwear?
0:42:40 What are y'all's favorite bugers/beer/whiskey?
0:54:30 How much would you justify spending on a case?
1:03:20 Is there any benefit in NVLink on consumer cards?
1:08:30 Why are password cracking benchmarks not used for benchmarking CPUs and GPUS?
1:13:30 Why do consumer GPUs do not have virtualization support?
1:17:20 Jeremy, are you going with TR1 or TR2?