A Detailed Look

The NZXT E850 power supply enclosure is painted matte black with dark gray lettering and measures 150mm (5.9”) long.  The back panel includes an On-Off switch and AC receptacle.

The power supply uses a 120mm Hong Hua fan (HA1225H12SF-Z that is rated for up to 1800 rpm, 73.9 CFM, and 32.2 dBA at 12VDC.  The fan operates in silent Zero RPM mode up to 100W load and incorporates a FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) for long life and quiet operation.

The front panel incorporates ten modular connectors for the power cables, all nicely keyed and labeled along with a mini-USB port to support the digital interface.

The E850 comes with a good assortment of fully modular cables and connectors. All of the cables are black, sleeved or the flat ribbon-style, which makes for easy installation with a clean look and helps optimize case airflow. See specifications table on previous page for a listing of connectors and cable lengths.

Onboard DSP supports NZXT CAM monitoring and control software

The NZXT E Series power supplies use a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) to allow monitoring and control of the otherwise all analogue power circuits via NZXT’s CAM software (free download from the NZXT website).

•    CAM software requires Microsoft Windows® 10 operating system
•    Some CAM-powered features require internet access
•    Requires internal USB port on motherboard

Once the CAM software has been downloaded, installed and is running on the host PC you can click on the “Power” tab (lightning bolt) to display the PSU information. Here you have two options; Regular or Advanced.


Along the left side you can see the individual real-time power draw in watts for the CPU, GPU, and other components, as well as the total power. The CPU power shows the combined power being drawn from the CPU 4+4 pin cables and the GPU shows the combined power draw from the PCI-E 6+2 pin cables. Other shows the combined power being drawn by the remaining peripherals and devices.

The operating temperature and voltage readings for the three primary rails are displayed across the bottom of the window in real time.


The advanced settings page provides more information about the power consumption on all three rails and includes a toggle to enable multi-rail OCP (Over Current Protection) for +12V1, +12V2, and +12V3 outputs.

Note: Cells in gray for multi-rail OCP are user adjustable (Courtesy of NZXT)

With multi-rail OCP enabled the PSU will instantly shut down if any of the outputs exceed the current settings. The current settings for +12V2 (CPU) and +12V3 (GPU) are user adjustable within the specified range.

The CAM software can also be used to optimize your fan speed curve to suit your preferences for your system (Silent, Performance, or Fixed preset modes).

Under the Hood

Here are a few pictures showing the layout and components inside the E850 power supply.  NZXT has partnered with Seasonic as their OEM to build the E Series power supplies. This appears to be a slightly modified version of Seasonic’s popular Focus Plus Gold platform (with the addition of a DSP).

All of the electrolytic capacitors used in the E Series power supply are high-quality Japanese made caps rated for 105°C operation. For example, the main bulk capacitor is made by Hitachi and rated for 680uF, 400V and 105°C. The overall component layout is clean, leaves room for good airflow and the soldering appears excellent.

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