Final Thoughts and Conclusions

NZXT appears to be serious about their new E Series power supplies. For starters they picked Seasonic to be their OEM and then added an onboard DSP (Digital Signal Processor) to monitor the otherwise analogue circuits and provide a degree of control (OCP set points and fan speed profile). This allows the E Series power supplies to connect via USB to the PC’s motherboard and tap into NZXT’s CAM desktop monitoring and control software.

The NZXT E850 digital power supply performed very well during our tests. The voltage regulation, AC ripple and noise suppression, and efficiency were all very good if not excellent. The power supply uses high quality components and features a good assortment of all modular cables. The E850 includes a zero RPM fan mode at low power for silent operation and continues to operate quietly even as the load increases. And last but not least the E Series power supplies are backed by a 10-year warranty.

Bottom line if you are interested in using NZXT’s CAM suite of monitoring and control software then you should find one of the E Series power supplies very appealing. On the other hand if you are not planning to use the CAM software, you may want to explore other non-digital options.  

All of the NZXT E Series power supplies should be available by the end of July 2018 from your favorite retailer.

•    MSRP for the E850 PSU: $149.99 USD
•    MSRP for the E650 PSU: $129.99 USD
•    MSRP for the E500 PSU: $119.99 USD

•    500W, 650W, and 850W continuous DC output at up to 50°C
•    Digital interface supports NZXT CAM monitoring and control software
•    10-Year Warranty and NZXT Service and Support
•    80 PLUS Gold certified, at least 90% efficiency under 50% load
•    Fully modular cables for easy installation
•    Fan-less mode for silent operation at low power
•    Quiet 120mm fan with FDB for long life and quiet operation
•    High quality components including all Japanese electrolytic capacitors 105°C
•    Compact chassis measures only 150mm (5.9”) deep

•    A little pricey if you’re not interested in DSP/CAM

NZXT E850 Digital Power Supply

Our thanks to NZXT for sending us the E850 PSU to review!

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