The Tech Report offers a brief history of SLR and DSLR cameras as well as reasoning as to why they might be permanently consigned to the past thanks to new technology.  In the heart of a single lens reflex camera, digital or otherwise, is a mirror between the rear of the lens and the film or sensor which allowed you to see what the picture you were about to take looked like.   However the mirror adds some problems to fine tuning things such as wide angle shots, as well as requiring larger lenses to allow this trick to work.  Recently mirror-less designs have been appearing, which are able to display a preview directly from the sensor such as the Sony A9, which also allow you to do things you cannot on a SLR.  Check out the link up top to learn more about this.

"The single-lens-reflex camera has dominated interchangeable-lens camera designs for the better part of a century, but mirrorless cameras are coming to the fore. We examine some history behind the SLR and why its reign is likely to end."

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