While this will not be a permanent situation, all signs point to a glut of NAND supplies soon driving prices down.  The Register lists a variety of reasons why this could occur, not least of which is the roughly half dozen NAND fabs that are either being built or close to coming online.  That is not the only factor increasing production, the move to 64-layer and 96-layer NAND, coupled with the move from TLC to QLC means more usable NAND comes off of every wafer.  Since all the major manufacturers are participating in these changes, and will continue to try to undercut the competitions pricing, it seems likely that prices are going to start to dip in the later half of the year.

$0.10/GB, here we come?

"NAND oversupply is becoming a distinct possibility – with an increasing memory supply chasing a market that can’t absorb all the bits and bytes at prices that provide profits for suppliers."

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