Case Interior and Build

The layout of the 601 is open, and provides a generous amount of empty space to the right of an installed ATX motherboard – and supports EATX boards as well. Those cutouts on the right side support additional HDD cages (one included).

The case floor – actually the top of the PSU shroud – can also house a case fan over on the right side, where the panels can be removed to accommodate this (and make room for longer liquid coolers up front).

The top of the case supports 120 mm wide liquid coolers via a detachable top bracket, and the offset slots for mounting fans/radiators provides good clearance over an installed system.

The slide-out tray makes it very easy to mount a liquid CPU cooler, and I fitted a 240 mm AIO cooler to check clearance above the motherboard:

There is full vertical clearance with a 120 mm wide cooler like this, but I would not recommend 280 mm liquid coolers unless you have a low-profile solution (the official specs don't list 140 mm width for the top anyhow).

The system build with a smaller air cooler shows the clearance around this full-size ATX board (pictured is the NH-U9S PWM used in all case benchmarks).

Storage options include the dual SSD tray behind the motherboard and a pair of included HDD cages, with the cage supporting 2x 3.5-inch drives pre-installed from the factory. These cages offer rubber vibration control at all screw mounts, and install with captured thumbscrews:

The chamber for power supplies is large enough to support PSUs up to 288 mm, so smaller units will have plenty of room for any excess cabling.

The power supply bracket is lined with a foam material where it contacts the PSU to help prevent vibration (first time I've seen this), and then the PSU slides in over thick foam pads on the case floor, fastening in place with more captured thumb screws.

You can check out the final build and performance results on the next page.

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